Trend Residencies

Project Info
  • Completion Date: December 2012
  • Location: No. 49/5, Saranankara Road in Kalubowila
Project Details

Trend Residencies at No. 49/5, Saranankara Road in Kalubowila, Dehiwala, was the initial project comprising of a luxurious six storied 24-apartment complex completed in December 2012. The apartments were suitably designed for construction to suit exclusive comfort in luxury-living.

More Project Details

Three bedrooms, two washrooms and a maid’s washroom apart from other amenities cover an extent of approx. 1,100-sq ft in each unit. Every unit has been sold. The urban location of Trend Residencies was especially selected to accommodate residents in having easy access to the diverse commercial establishments bordering Colombo City. Prospective residents now enjoy a panoramic view of Colombo City and its environs from their respective apartments from the precincts of Kalubowila

Trend Residencies now affords all its residents to live in luxury within a safe environment bordering Colombo City. Apart from the salutary breeze blowing into balconies at various levels, the panoramic bird’s-eye view from such heights include ships plying across the azure Indian Ocean in the west, and from the east, a blur of tea estates across hill country, at times affording a visible haze of Adam’s Peak through the clearing mists of dawn. Towards the north is seen Colombo’s busy commercial centers, while the south affords a view of dense rural villages cloistered within greenery of fronds and foliage. Title deeds have been issued to the owners of each apartment. The expertise and experience gained in the field of condominium-construction in this project had spurred Trend to serve as consultants in similar projects


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